gamechangerNorth Carolina

24-29 July 2017

@ PRMI, Community of the Cross,
Black Mountain, NC

...teaming up with the Holy Spirit

Cost: $ Donation

Yes, that's right, we don't require you to pay a dime to be part of this amazing event! Instead, we invite you to make a donation towards costs (eg: about $150 would cover it, but the exact amount is up to you. Go pray about it!)


You can register online for the North Carolina Upward Challenge Camp. Just follow this link. Go on! What are you waiting for?

Registration is limited to 50.

When you register, please make sure to download the medical release form. This must be filled out, signed by a parent or guardian, and mailed e-mailed or faxed to us at least two weeks before the camp begins.

Do some fundraising.

We do actually have some running costs - stuff  like food, handbooks & publicity, for instance. And we encourage y'all to do some fundraising so you can take part in the offering. You could try car-washing, or cake-baking, or baby-sitting, or gardening, or... well, use your imagination! It's your camp, so we hope you'll help make it happen.

Tell your friends

Link to us on Facebook. Or email a link to folks you think might be interested.

photo lydia

Lydia Lockhart, Co-Director
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photo lydia

Stephanie McClain, Co-Director
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Marcia Bronson, Administrator
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